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Grammarly Is Adding A Host Of Premium Features To Google Docs

Grammarly is bringing its advanced writing suggestions to Google Docs so you can enhance the clarity, delivery, and engagement of your writing. The company announced in a tweet.

However, the feature is Premium service.

“We’re bringing our advanced writing suggestions to Google Docs so you can enhance the clarity, delivery, and engagement of your writing—all without leaving your document!

“Bonus: You can now “Set Goals” there, too”, tweeted Grammarly


The company started the service in beta form for Google Docs in 2018.

Now the extension receives new additions such as a special sidebar for suggestions and a variety of premium functions that provide feedback on “clarity, engagement, and delivery”. and more.

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The sidebar is an addition that brings all writing suggestions and corrections to a special control panel where users can easily navigate. You can access it by clicking the grammar icon or the error indicator (with a red number) at the bottom of the screen.

The correction suggestions also provide additional context to explain to users why a particular change is being made.

Another feature that finds the way to expansion is goals.

As the name suggests, this function allows users to set goals that depend on certain criteria such as target group, formality level and writing style.

The function then offers customized suggestions to tailor the content of the users to their potential goals.

You can access the feature by clicking the target icon in the upper right corner of the panel.

Image – Grammarly

While spell corrections and targets are available to users with free status, premium subscribers have features like clarity and delivery feedback.

To try out the grammar for Google Docs, users need to download the Chrome extension from the web store, go to and activate the extension for the tool using the pop-up provided. Extended support is now available to all users.

These features also work with Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser.

However, users must download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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