Apple iPhone 12 SE Features MacBook Air

Apple Loop: New iPhone 12, iPhone SE Features, Apple Watch, Dying MacBook Air

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The Stunning Camera Of The iphone 12 Has Been Revealed

The leaks around the iPhone 12 family continue to occur.

If Apple can keep to its normal schedule, an announcement is expected in early September.

But we can take a closer look at the device when we collect all the information.

Forbes’ Gordon Kelly took a closer look at Enoylity Technology’s video renderings that highlight the new camera technology and physical design:

“What immediately stands out is the heavily leaked, angular housing design, in which Apple is inspired by the extremely popular iPhone 4 and the iPad Pro series with flat edges.

“What these leaks were missing and what Enoylity brought together is the new Quad-Core camera setup with Apple’s brand new LiDAR sensor and the smaller notch – something Apple understands is shrinking three generations from the iPhone X. “

Gordon Kelly

Read more here on Forbes.

The iPhone SE’s Killer Feature

As more and more manufacturers launch their mid-range Android cell phones, they all have one thing in common.

They pack every specification so that the handsets feel like the flagships match, and they all have something in common … they’re large-format handsets.

Which hands Apple iPhone SE have an advantage, as Forbes discussed earlier this week:

“The mainstream vendors have decided that a good mid-sized company is about lowering all the large numbers from the flagship datasheets, which means that large screens require two hands for each operation at the top of the screen.

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that. But size isn’t everything, and there’s a voice quota that wants a small, powerful phone at an affordable price. There’s really only one choice.”


Read more on the SE’s killer feature here.

Open Your Car With Your Apple Watch

Apple’s Car Key is coming to your wrist. The utility that allows users to open their cars with a tap of their phone has show up in the latest relase of the Apple Watch’s software. 

Juli Clover reports:

“WatchOS 6.2.8 introduces Car Key, a feature also available on the iPhone with iOS 13.6. Car Key is designed to allow an iPhone or an Apple Watch to be used in lieu of a physical key to unlock an NFC-enabled vehicle.

“Car Key needs to be implemented by car manufacturers to function, and BMW is one of Apple’s first partners. BMW’s Digital Key for iPhone feature will let iPhone owners tap to unlock their vehicles, start the car by placing the iPhone in the smartphone tray, place limitations on young drivers, and share keys with up to five other users.”

More at MacRumors.

Apple’s MacBook Air Is Dying But Not Yet Dead

Apple’s move away from Intel has given those looking for a new Mac in a bit of a pickle.

It’s clear that ARM is the future of the platforms, its apps, and its services. But the new Air-styled ARM MacBook is not going to be on sale for some time, and those laptops will be the first public iteration of the platform.

The Intel MacBook Air is certainly on notice, but it’s not dead. 

Brendan Hesse reports:

“Conversely, plenty of recently-released Intel-based Mac and MacBook models have great specs.

A Mac release in 2020, 2019, or even 2018 could easily last you a few more years—more than enough time for Apple to perfect its ARM chips across a few hardware iterations, and for third-party developers to port over their apps.

“Because, yes, one of the biggest issues facing the new ARM Macs is app compatibility… Intel Macs, on the other hand, run all MacOS apps that exist right now (obviously), and certainly will continue to do so for plenty more years.

Apple has a good track record of supporting older products well after launch, so its Intel Macs will absolutely remain relevant even after Apple has fully shifted to ARM.”

Brendan Hesse

More at LifeHacker.

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