Google Loses Control Blogspot.In

Google Loses Control Of ‘Blogspot.In’ Domain, Breaking Millions Of Websites

With Google’s free blogger tool, everyone can easily create their own website. However, the platform has some problems in India this week.

Somehow Google, unfortunately, expired the domain ““, destroyed millions of websites and possibly put them at risk.

Discovered by The Next Web and BleepingComputer, Google apparently expired the blogspot.domain in early June because Google no longer controls this domain.

Rather, it now belongs to and can be bought by anyone who has $ 5,999 left.

Google has not allowed the domain to expire. All of these blogs are still visible here.

However, the websites are not automatically redirected there.

Google previously set up .in and other domains to localize domain names for faster approval requests for content hosted on the platform.

Currently, the loss of domain ownership has resulted in more than 4 million blogger-hosted websites being damaged in Google Search and other areas where they were linked.

BleepingComputer requested information from Google at the beginning of June but received no response for the company. in google search whois data

No need to point out that this was a massive mistake, but it has the potential to do real harm.

If Google does not buy the domain again, the millions of URLs on the web will be full of malware as they will be redirected to malicious websites.

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