Whatsapp Global Outage Wednesday

Whatsapp Resumes Services After Facing Global Outage: Here Is What Happened

WhatsApp suffered another outage in India and around the world early in the morning on Wednesday. Users complained that they could not send or receive messages.

Some users also said they couldn’t even sign in to the WhatsApp app on Android and iOS.

The problems are now resolved and the messaging platform is working properly.

DownDetector said the problems hit users around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Users across India, Sri Lanka, Peru, London, New Delhi, New York, Brazi, the Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, complained, among other things, about problems with WhatsApp.

Shortly after the service was stopped, users went to Twitter to complain.

Hashtags like #WhatsApp and #WhatsAppDown have been published on Twitter.

Users have also started posting memes on the platform about the WhatsApp service, which is so common.

According to DownDetector, 58 percent of WhatsApp users complained of connection problems, meaning that these users could not use the platform at all or could not even open the app.

38 percent of users complained of problems sending and receiving messages, while 3 percent of users said they could not log on to the messaging platform.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp is in the country. Facebook’s own messaging platform has not yet issued a statement on the outage.

The increase in usage could have resulted in the service going down.

Since everyone is stuck at home due to the pandemic, the use of WhatsApp has increased massively.

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