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Strange Google Assistant Bug Appears To Be Draining Batteries In Android Phones

Google Assistant has a new bug with Android devices. Many users now claim that the activation word “Ok Google” actually activates the wrong devices and leaves the screen on.

According to an Android Police report, Android users report a bug with the Google Assistant that causes their device’s screen to remain on indefinitely after hearing the “Hey Google” activation phrase, which can cause a lot of potential problems from serious battery discharges to permanent damage to the screen. Users who have noticed the error indicate that the screen is not working, regardless of what they are trying to turn it off. This will drain the phone’s battery too fast.

According to the report, the problem has been known since September, when it appeared in the Google support forums. Currently, it seems to be particularly problematic on pixel phones and Google Home devices, but the reason is not yet known. In the meantime, Google has not commented on the problem and it is not known when a solution can be started.

What’s also strange is the fact that the problem does not seem to always occur. According to Android Police, it can happen that Google Assistant works well and others when it works poorly.

Currently, users should restrict the use of Google Assistant until a solution is announced. Although this seems to affect only Google devices at the moment, a OnePlus 6T user has reported a similar issue. So even if you use other devices, you should keep an eye on your device’s assistant, too.


While we’re waiting for a solution, it’s probably a good idea to keep watching your phone from time to time (especially if you have other devices with Google Assistant) so you can manually turn off the screen if needed.

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