Frozen Macbook Pro Touch Bar

How to Fix Frozen Macbook Pro Touch Bar on Spotify

The MacBook Pro’s touch bar is one of the outstanding features of Apple’s Macbook range. This is very handy if you are viewing Photoshop, Safari, Apple TV, Spotify or just watching movies in the Quick Time Player.

Touch on the Macbook Pro works great with Apple’s native apps, but Apple is working with other app developers to improve the functionality of the touch bars with other non-native Apple apps.

In terms of non-native apps, Spotify is one of the best apps that are great for the Touch Bar. You can easily control the music using the touch bar. Finding music bars is also one of the best ways you can use the touch bar when using Spotify. Otherwise, native Apple apps work perfectly with the control strip.

But it gets ugly if you play other media while Spotify is running in the background.

What exactly is the frozen touch bar?

I saw this problem on Macbook Pro 2019 13 ‘with macOS version 10.15.2. Here’s what happened to me. I work in Google Chrome and listen to music in Spotify. I can now control all of my music using the control strip (touch bar) that contains the following / previous song, and scrub the touch bar to search the music forward or backward. Everything worked fine.

Now, if I play Youtube on Google Chrome and suddenly lose all controls on the touch bar. The touch bar now freezes for Spotify and I can no longer control my music via the touch bar. If you’re like me, just closing the lid after work instead of shutting down your Macbook, you’ll face other problems as well.

In this case, the Spotify app doesn’t even appear on the control strip. To do this, you need to restart your Macbook Pro. There is no other way to put Spotify back on your control strip. Irritating!!

How to Fix Frozen Touch Bar on Spotify?

Fixing MacBook Pro’s frozen touch bar while using Spotify is pretty simple and easy. You don’t have to do anything for that.

If the touch bar freezes on Spotify, just stop the music and play the music again. If you do that, you will see that you will be able to control all of the music and you can also scrub the music.

Make sure your MacBook Pro hasn’t been in sleep mode for more than 2 days beforehand. If many apps are running, the control strip can be frozen. To fix the frozen control strip problem, you can usually restart your MacBook. However, if you pause and play the music in Spotify again, the frozen control strip issue in Spotify will be resolved.

Fix the touch bar frozen on Spotify

This way, you can fix the problem of freezing the touch bar in Spotify. Spotify is not a native app of the Apple ecosystem. For this reason, compatibility problems with the touch bar occur when it is used with other apps. Apple’s native apps such as Apple Music, Quick Time Player, Apple TV, Safari, Garageband, FCP, etc. work perfectly on the control strip of Macbook with other apps as well.

No problems were using the touch bar with Apple Music and the Safari browser. However, when using Spotify and Google Chrome, the problem that the touch bar freezes may have occurred.

There is no permanent solution to this problem, but you can fix the frozen touch bar issue on Spotify in the manner described above. Let me know if you have found another solution to this problem with frozen control strips on the Macbook Pro.

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