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Google is adding a screenshot editor to Chrome for Android

Google introduced a new screenshot editor tool for Chrome in Android 9 Pie last year to make annotations simpler and easier. While originally limited to devices running Android 9, the tool was soon unofficially transferred to phones with older Android versions. In early September this year, Google has begun to test some new features in the Google Photos app, including a new markup.

The markup tool was released for Google Photos late last month. Google is currently planning to provide Chrome for Android with a similar function.

The upcoming screenshot editor for Chrome was discovered in a recently merged commit on the Chromium Gerrit. The commit in question reveals code regarding a new flag for the “Chrome Share Screenshots” feature that that “Enables UI to edit and share screenshots”.

However, it is currently unclear what the user interface for editing should look like or which functions should be included. However, we can assume that it is similar to the user interface for editing in other Google apps. A bug report for the feature also reveals some important information about the feature and suggests that the screenshot image editor will “utilize the Ink image editor library”.

From now on, the feature seems to be in a starting stage of development, so it will take some time for it to be rolled-on on Android in Chrome. However, we can assume that the feature will be in action in a beta version of the browser in the near future.


As these are upcoming features in Google Chrome, it should be noted that Google is also testing a radically new interface for Chrome’s new tab. The new UI is far removed from the current new tab and moves all UI elements to the top of the screen.

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