Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Answer Calls By Clenching Your Fist With Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3

Answering a call with a smartwatch can be difficult when the hand you’re using is busy. However, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 could make this relatively easy.

XDA reports that Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Watch 3 plugin app refers to the support of hand gestures, especially answering calls.

When your watch starts to ring, all you have to do is clench your fist and open it to pick it up.

You can also shake your hand to ignore a call.

The future wrist wear will also support Apple Watch-like fall detection. When the Galaxy Watch 3 detects a fall, it rings for 60 seconds to get an answer.


If you do not respond, your location will be sent to emergency contacts via SMS and a five-second audio recording.

You can also instruct the watch to make an emergency call after this minute-long wait, although this is optional.

Samsung is expected to launch the new watch when Unpacked takes place online on August 5, though the device will likely not ship until days or weeks later. It is a subtle development of the existing Galaxy Watch (no, there is no Watch 2) with somewhat smaller case sizes of 41 mm and 45 mm and functions of Watch Active 2 such as EKG and blood pressure monitoring.

The Watch 3 is unlikely to upgrade any of these recent devices. However, gesture support can be especially important if you don’t want to get distorted just to get a call you can’t miss.

(Image – Samsung)

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