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WhatsApp to get New Photo Icon & Multiple Devices Support

The latest update to WhatsApp shows that the messaging app will be supported on multiple devices. There is also a minor UI change with the latest WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp has sent updates with new developments and features. WhatsApp is currently working on several features, including dark mode, multi-device support, and more for its Android and iOS apps.

As discovered by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has recently updated its Android app with new features. The latest update contains no important information, but this version of WhatsApp contains a small change in the user interface and provides more information about supporting multiple devices.

The photo icon on WhatsApp has been changed to a picture by the camera. What was previously considered a camera now displays an icon on WhatsApp. This is a minor update and may not be noticed by users.

However, the latest update from WhatsApp provides more information about upcoming device support. WhatsApp will introduce a new feature called “Registration Notifications” to support multiple devices.


When users try to sign in to their WhatsApp account on a second device, they receive a message on the original device. The message is “The recipient’s device list has changed. Tap Confirm to confirm the new security code.”

Users can then check the new security code and use WhatsApp on a different device. WhatsApp currently only allows one account per device. With this new feature, users can use the same WhatsApp account on more than one device. It has been reported that even with cross-platform support, chats remain fully encrypted.

While this may seem like an interesting feature, users expect the darkest mode most of all. The latest updates from WhatsApp have shown that the dark mode for Android is almost done. There is still a lot to do in the WhatsApp Dark mode for iPhones.

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