WhatsApp call waiting feature

WhatsApp to get call waiting feature on Android phones

The most loved instant messaging app WhatsApp has now introduced the hot call waiting feature for its android users. Now WhatsApp become even cooler! Yeah, you can now know who is calling you when you are on another call.

What’s New

  • WhatsApp recently added several new features in its latest update
  • WhatsApp has not started the call hold feature yet

Before now, if you were talking with a person on WhatsApp and someone else would try to call you at the same time, they would hear the ring but you couldn’t answer the phone. The call then gets disconnected and you see the message that says, “You gave a missed call to …..”.

But now this snag is over and you will get alerted at the same time the person is calling you from another side, and can also disconnect the call or pick it. Your choice.

Since WhatsApp, which is on Facebook, has not yet started the call hold function, you must either disconnect or continue the call if you receive a new incoming call notification on your phone.


Added “call waiting feature support so you can answer an incoming WhatsApp call while you’re already on another call,” says WhatsApps latest Android version update.

Call Waiting is available in versions 2.19.352 stable (APK Mirror) and higher of WhatsApp and in version – 2.19.128 (APK Mirror) of WhatsApp Business, according to Android Police. WhatsApp recently introduced the feature to iPhone users.

If you are already on the phone and another person is trying to call you, most mobile operators will inform you that a call is pending. Very few Voice over Internet Protocol services support this, and WhatsApp was not one of them.

WhatsApp recently added several new features in its latest update. Use the privacy settings to control who can add you to WhatsApp groups and to set a fingerprint request to unlock WhatsApp. This prevents unauthorized access to your personal messages.

In the latest beta release of WhatsApp, the instant messaging app has introduced three new dark mode options. The light theme would provide a white background. According to WABetaInfo, a fan site that tracks WhatsApp updates, the dark theme, as its name implies, would enable dark mode on WhatsApp.

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