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WhatsApp Getting New Facebook Branding, But no Dark Mode as of now.

Another day, a WhatsApp beta version is now available for Android phones through the Google Play beta program. You can now download the WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.19.331.

Any guesses what might be the biggest addition to this beta version? Well, it’s the new Facebook branding on the splash screen and in the settings menu.

Unfortunately, there is no Dark Mode for the other users who do not yet use the beta version.

Just recently, Facebook introduced the new corporate branding, and the launch of the entire app family is now taking place seriously. This happens immediately after the camera icon is updated in WhatsApp through a beta release.

The good people of WABetaInfo have released this update for the latest beta version of WhatsApp.


The sad news for the rest of us who are not using WhatsApp beta versions is that we still do not seem to be getting closer to the dark topic.

It may be an understatement that Dark Mode is eagerly awaited for WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app. And it’s also a surprise that it took so long to realize that sibling Facebook Messenger and Instagram have been running dark mode for some time now.

WhatsApp certainly has a lot to offer right now, like Android phones, especially certain OnePlus phones, as well as Xiaomi and Google Pixel phones, which also need to be patched, just to relieve the battery.

We still do not know if this beta release is the final preparation for the wider release of the Dark Mode option for all users. Otherwise, we will do more beta testing in the coming weeks. We can only hope.

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