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WhatsApp Animated Stickers are finally out: Here is how to use

WhatsApp has released the long-awaited animated stickers for its users around the world. Facebook’s own messaging tweeted via its official Twitter account and said: “Animated stickers are now available.”

The animated sticker packs are now displayed next to the normal sticker packs in the sticker store. The animated stickers are available for both Android and iOS and will also be available for the desktop version.

WhatsApp has released some animated stickers, which are also known as Rico’s sweet life, playful Piyomaru, bright days, atmospheric foodies and chummy chum chums.

Update your app to the latest version to use the animated stickers in your chats. The function is currently available for the Android v2.20194.16 and iOS v2.20.70 versions of WhatsApp.

How to download and use animated stickers

  1. Open a WhatsApp chat window and click on the emoji icon
  2. At the bottom, there are options for emojis, GIF and Stickers. Tap and enter the Sticker section
  3. Tap on the plus icon(+) placed right under the mic icon to add more sticker packs from the Sticker Store
  4. To download a pack, just tap on the download icon on the left. You can also scroll through the pack by tapping on them
  5. Once you download the stickers pack, it will be added to your stickers section and can be used to send in chats

By default, WhatsApp offers very limited animated stickers but you can try your luck on the Google Play Store.

Note, that third party animated stickers may or may not work properly and make sure you don’t end up downloading a malicious app. Just check proper ratings and reviews before downloading them. Animated stickers are also available on WhatsApp Web.

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