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Twitter Rolls Out Reply-Limit Feature For All, Here Is How To

After months of testing, Twitter finally introduced the reply limiting feature to users all over the world.

With the new microblogging feature, users can manage who can reply to their tweets.

Quite simply, the new feature allows Twitter users to decide on who gets to reply to their tweets. However, users who can’t reply to a tweet will still be able to view, retweet, retweet with comment, share, and like the tweet. 

Twitter has been working on it for some time and even inadvertently informed iOS users about the feature in its latest update.

The feature has been made available to all users around the world.


“People who face abuse find these settings helpful – those who have submitted abuse reports are 3x more likely to use these settings,” Twitter’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie, wrote in a blog post, even as she said that this was being tested since May last.

The new feature has been designed with public figures in mind, including politicians, actors and journalists, who are subject to defamation and unnecessary harassment on the social media platform.

This feature allows users to control whether or not their followers can comment on their tweets.

However, users who are unable to reply can still view, retweet, retweet with comments, share, and like these Tweets.

Here’s how you can control who replies to your Tweets with Twitter’s new conversation settings:

How to limit replies to a tweet?

In twitter’s own words, this is how it works. 

Before you Tweet, choose who can reply with three options:

1) everyone (standard Twitter, and the default setting) 

2) only people you follow or 

3) only people you mention. 

Tweets with the latter two settings will be labeled and the reply icon will be grayed out for people who can’t reply.

People who can’t reply will still be able to view, retweet, retweet with comment, share, and like these Tweets.

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