5G Cost iPhone 12

The Cost Of 5G in iPhone 12 Revealed

A new report says that the introduction of 5G in the iPhone 12 will not “significantly” increase the cost of the device, despite the more expensive components required.

In a research report by iMore, revealed that Cupertino is putting several Apple suppliers under pressure as this puts more pressure on suppliers to negotiate to cut costs on other parts.

iMore says that the cost of 5G in the iPhone 12 is between $ 75 and $ 85 for Sub-6 5G (the slower version) and between $ 125 and $ 135 for mmWave (the faster version).

According to the website, Apple will not significantly raise the price of the iPhone 12 despite this increase in costs in order to maintain sales momentum.

Instead, Apple plans to use cheaper components in other parts of the iPhone to keep costs down, but only provided that it doesn’t affect the user experience. As a result, Apple suppliers are under increased negotiating pressure this quarter.


Jon Prosser, the iPhone leaker, announced the upcoming prices for the iPhone 12 back in April. Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone models in three different sizes with 5G.

The recent report seems to confirm that while the new iPhone 12 will be more expensive to manufacture due to 5G, Apple will be able to save enough money on other parts that we shouldn’t see too much price hike if any phone is released.

The latest rumors suggest that the new iPhone might be released in October, but the Pro models might not come out until November.

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