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Snapchat Rolls Out First Set of Mini Apps for Meditation, Studying, and More

Snapchat has rolled out Minis – a feature that brings third-party services to the platform.

The feature was first announced last month at its Snap Partner Summit.

“Snap Minis are a new way for developers to bring their services inside Snapchat and empower new, social experiences. We’ve carefully designed Minis to deeply integrate within your conversations, so coordinating with friends is faster than ever,” describes the company.

Snapchat has activated 4 Snap Minis, namely…

  1. Headspace,
  2. Flashcards,
  3. Prediction Master
  4. Let’s Do It
  • Headspace is a meditation service, while Flashcards are designed for peers to learn.
  • Prediction Master, as the name suggests, is used to create predictions and Let’s Do It to plan with friends.

In addition, Coachella will shortly release a Snap Mini that will help you plan festival trips.


There will also be a cinema ticket system and a mini app for sharing timetables.

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However, we have to wait and see when these mini-apps find their way to Snapchat.

The rollout is only a week after the company has expanded its Here for You mental health tool to India.

Here for You displays security resources when users search for topics such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, thoughts of suicide, and bullying.

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