Reliance Launches Jio Glass

Reliance Launches Jio Glass, Its First Smart Glasses To Take On Snap Spectacles 3

Reliance Jio launched its first augmented reality-capable glasses Jio Glass in India at the 43rd Annual General Meeting.

Jio Glass is connected to a mobile phone, which can also be used to share files and presentations with the participants. And there will be support for demonstrating presentations within Jio Glass.

Jio Glass will be available to both individuals and companies in India.

The Jio Glass is a response to Snap’s Spectacles 3, which was launched earlier this month but has comparatively more use cases.

Because Jio Glass connects seamlessly to the network, 5G enables video conferencing right in front of the user. Jio says it will start testing 5G in India once the spectrum is auctioned.


Jio says that his high-tech glasses will allow people to participate in video conferencing in a more rational and advanced way by appearing holographically in them.

  • Jio Glass uses 3D holographic images of participants in a video call in a setup controlled by mixed reality.
  • Participants can also use their regular video feed to take part in video meetings that show a use case for mixed reality, a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • The Jio Glass weighs 75 grams and is equipped with spatial audio, so that the meetings have crystal clear audio.
  • The smart glasses support all audio and video formats as well as 25 apps for video conferencing and collaboration. One of them is JioMeet, which was recently introduced in response to Zoom.
  • Instead of normal lenses, there are high-resolution frame screens.

Unlike Snap’s Spectacles 3, Jio Glass is focusing on video calls amid the sudden surge in demand for remote communications using video amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

Jio Glass was launched as one of the next generation products focused on starting the 5G network.

At the AGM, Jio said it was determined to make India a truly digital society, and that would require an upgrade of its devices and network infrastructure.

Jio Glass will be instrumental in the company’s plans to initially dominate India’s 5G jump.

Jio has said nothing about when the Jio glass will be shipped to customers or at what price. For reference, the Snap Spectacles in India costs Rs 29,999, which means the price of the Jio Glass is lower.

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