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It’s official: WhatsApp is rolling out Dark Mode to all users

WhatsApp is finally launching its most requested feature, Dark Mode. The stealthy option has become an essential feature for apps in the past year or two. Although some select Android users have previewed the feature, this is the first time that the company has officially supported it for all Android devices and iOS devices.

WhatsApp notes that its primary focus has been on reducing eye strain in low-light environments. For this reason, unlike some other apps, the dark areas are not completely pitch black. During the test, the company found that the contrast of pure black and white can lead to eye fatigue. Therefore, a dark gray background is used instead. Colors and other design elements were also used “to ensure that the most important information stands out”.

In addition, the color of the dark gray backgrounds was adapted to the respective operating system.

To celebrate the announcement, WhatsApp even created a small ad with a previously unpublished version of The Sound of Silence by Paul Simon:

You can finally use WhatsApp without your phone glowing like a shining flashlight in the middle of a dark room. The feature will be introduced to the latest version of WhatsApp “in the coming days”. Here is how to enable dark mode.


How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp for Android

Starting March 3, 2020, dark mode will be introduced for all WhatsApp users around the world. It is even better to activate it. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open WhatsApp in the app drawer or on the home screen.
  2. Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner).
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Choose Chats.
  5. Choose Theme.
  6. In the Choose a Theme dialog box, select Dark.
  7. You should see the user interface change to a dark theme.

How to enable WhatsApp Dark mode on iOS

Step 1: Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Show Accommodations> Invert Colors> Smart Invert

Step 2: You have now activated the dark theme for all apps on the device

That’s it! You should now set up the dark mode for the Messenger service. The dark mode looks particularly good on WhatsApp due to the green accents on the entire user interface and gives the app a little visual flair.

I’ve been in dark mode for over a week and it makes a big difference in how you use the service. This is easy on the eyes and if you have an Android 10 phone and set the dark mode system-wide, the visual consistency is better.

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