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iPhone Users Will Soon Be Able To Backup Their Devices To Google Storage For Free

In a new blog post, the search giant announced that it is launching a new Google One mobile app that users of both platforms can use to secure their phones for free, even if they’re not Google One subscribers. All you have to do is download the free app and sign in with a Google account.

Google’s One subscription service is a bit strange in the Google product family. It was launched in 2018 and was a first-class, consumer-friendly “upgrade” to the technology giant’s paid Google Drive storage plans.

It offers subscribers more cloud storage (up to a whopping 30 TB) as well as some useful extras such as exclusive discounts and premium support and multi-user family plans.

In September 2019, Google added an additional benefit to the service, which offers automatic phone backup for paying Android users.

Today the company announced that this feature will be provided free of charge and will also be expanded for iPhone and iPad owners.


Backups include files, text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and emails, all of which are visible in one place.

  • However, there is one limitation: Free tier storage is limited to 15 GB – the standard amount of Google Drive storage you get with a free Google account. Users who find that they need more must sign up for a paid plan that starts at $1.99 / £1.99 / AU$4.39 per month.

Apple also offers built-in backup functions for iPhones and iPads via its iCloud storage service, the latter containing only 5 GB of free storage space.

Storage Advantages

  • Together with the new app, Google has added a memory manager function to the service, which will be introduced both on the desktop web interface and in the mobile app.
  • According to Google, the new feature allows users to see how much free space they have and add / remove files without leaving the app. The option to upgrade to a paid plan is also available in the storage manager.
  • There are advantages to being a paying subscriber: for example, a single tariff can be shared with up to five other users via family sharing and opens the doors to the Internet company’s premium customer support.
  • In some markets, such as Australia, you will also receive bonus credits that can be redeemed for apps in the Play Store, discounts for online purchases in the Google Store and special prices for hotel bookings via Google search.

The new Google One app can already be downloaded from the Play Store. Google has indicated that the iOS version will be available “shortly”.

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