Instagram Pinned Comments Feature

Instagram Rolled Out Pinned Comments Feature To Everyone

Learn how to use the feature

Instagram has rolled out Pinned Comments feature to everyone. From now on, all Instagram users can use the new function in their apps.

The Facebook-owned company started testing the feature in May, but implementation was very limited at the time. However, it is now available to all users.

This feature allows you to pin up to three comments on your posts above. Instagram hopes that this will give users more control over the conversation in their posts.

Users can also highlight positivity and push negative comments further down.

  • To use the Pinned Comment feature, simply swipe left on a comment and you’ll see the new pin icon next to the icons for replying, reporting, or deleting a comment. Tap on it and you’re done.

Pinned comments appear at the top for everyone who sees your posts. This is one of many changes Instagram is making to curb harassment on the platform. The company uses artificial intelligence to block abusive comments.

Plus, users were warned before posting an offensive comment on the platform.

Recently, users have also been able to block abusive accounts. Comments made with these tools make Instagram a healthier digital place.

The new function is available to everyone and was available to many without Instagram app updates.

However, if it doesn’t appear to you, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Instagram app.

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