Google Alphabet Buy TikTok

Google Parent Alphabet Reportedly To Buy Stake In TikTok

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Google’s parent company Alphabet is considering acquiring a stake in TikTok as part of a group offer.

The report said that Alphabet weighed a non-voting minority against one of its investment arms, namely GV or CapitalG, both of which live separate from Google but under the Alphabet umbrella.

However, according to Bloomberg’s sources, these discussions have “stalled” and the talks have ceased for the past few days.

The promotional alphabet reportedly failed to spearhead the effort, and the report does not identify who or part of the group was.

However, a source told Bloomberg that Alphabet hasn’t ruled out participating in future offers.


Given that TikTok is a direct rival to Alphabet’s YouTube platform, there’s a good reason the company would be interested.

The clock is ticking for TikTok to find a new home for its US operations.

A week ago, President Trump gave the Chinese parent company ByteDance a 90-day deadline to divest its US operations.

Microsoft was the first major company to have talks about buying TikTok, and Oracle and Twitter were also named as interested bidders.

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