Google Chrome Interesting Features

Google Chrome’s five interesting features every user should know

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers ever. In recent years, Google Chrome has evolved with a number of useful functions. Dark mode, improved tab management system and additional tab recovery options are some of the recent additions. If you’re using Google Chrome, here are some interesting features you should know.

Five Interesting Features of Google Chrome

1. Gesture Navigation

Chrome has introduced gestures that allow users to navigate easily from one webpage to the next. This feature allows users to swipe in from the left side of the display to go back and from the right side to go forward. To activate it you have to type chrome: // flags / # overscroll-history-navigation in the URL bar and make sure that the setting is activated. Users need to restart Chrome for the settings to take effect.

2. Google Omnibox

Users may not aware of this, but the address bar in Chrome, where we usually type the URLs, is the Omnibox – a direct interface to the Google search engine. While users may have noticed that simply typing things into the Omnibox leads directly to Google results, the Omnibox can do mathematical calculations, weather updates, etc. without going to the actual search page to find the answer.

3. Recover Lost Tabs

what to do if you accidentally close all tabs at once? Chrome has launched a new feature that allows users to reopen any page they have discarded. Windows users must press Ctrl + Shift + T. You can also access it by right-clicking the plus sign and clicking the “Reopen Closed Tab” button.

4. Dark Mode

The dark mode of Google Chrome was introduced in 2019 and not only protects the eyes but also extends the battery life for OLED users. You have to go to Windows and go to Settings> Appearance and set the theme to “Material Incognito Dark Theme”. The dark mode is available for Mac OS 10.14 and later and for Windows 10 and later.


5. Muting Websites

Pop-up ads and unwanted noise can interfere with Internet surfing. Chrome has a small speaker icon in the tab title for sites that play audio. You can quickly check which websites are causing noise between multiple open tabs. Right-click the tab and click Mute Site.

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