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Google And Microsoft Team Up To Bring More Web Apps To The Play Store

Web apps will support more features on Android.

According to a report of Thurrot, Microsoft is working with Google to bring more (and above all, better) progressive web apps to Android devices through the Play Store.

Apps created with Microsoft’s PWABuilder tool use Google’s Bubblewrap utility and library to take advantage of new features, including a new standard for web shortcuts, “deeper” push notifications, and visual adjustments.

To put it simply, Web apps should feel more at home on your phone.

According to Microsoft, the implementation of the extended functions should not be much more complex.

It will likely take a while for apps to take advantage of the new features. However, it could result in more and improved apps reaching your phone.


This gives developers more reasons to use the Microsoft Toolkit, while Google gets more developers to build Android-friendly web applications instead of pointing people to generic apps in a browser. So, it is perhaps a win-win for both.

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