WhatsApp Text Bomb

Be careful, A WhatsApp Text Bomb Can Crash And Hang Your Phone

In recent years, WhatsApp and other messenger apps have been targeted by bad-doers to crash them and cause inconvenience to customers.

Another attempt will now be made on the Messenger app network. The WhatsApp community blog WABetaInfo claims that the text bomb known as “Scarry Messages” originated in Brazil and is more common there.

This started in mid-August but has now expanded to more global regions. This is bad.

The text bomb contains a number of randomly placed special characters and doesn’t make sense in terms of meaning or creative art like most of the WhatsApp forwards we get.

Even WhatsApp on cell phones failed to understand the meaning and caused the messenger app to crash in a loop.


Even if WhatsApp is closed and reopened, the phone will hang and stop working.

There is currently no temporary solution and WhatsApp has yet to respond to the chaos of its messenger app service.

To avoid any harm, as of, For now, WhatsApp users are advised not to open chat sessions nor read messages from unknown numbers or contacts.

Also, go to Settings >> Privacy >> Group >> change ‘Who can add me to groups’ from ‘Everyone to’ to ‘My Contacts’. By doing this, no one can add you to any random group without your permission.

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