Arlo Doorbell

Arlo New Video Doorbell Shows People and Packages

Arlo launches his first video doorbell and it’s pretty impressive. The Arlo Video Doorbell is designed to capture visitors from head to toe and any packages they may leave at your doorstep.

The 180 degree field of view is larger and wider than traditional video doorbells like the ring, so you can see much more of what’s happening right at your door.

If the doorbell is pressed, your phone will immediately receive a call so you can answer it immediately. If you do not want to reply, you can send a pre-recorded message such as “Be there in a minute” or “Please leave the package at the door”.

A built-in siren goes off when someone tries to steal the device. It can also be turned on remotely if you see someone on your property who should not be there.

The doorbell must be installed by cable by connecting it to the existing doorbell wiring of your home.

Arlo Video Doorbell

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What is Arlo

Arlo Technologies

Arlo Technologies is a home automation company that manufactures wireless security cameras. Arlo was listed as a brand by Netgear prior to its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in August 2018.

By February 2019, Arlo Pro delivered 11.7 million devices with 2.85 million registered users, averaging more than 88 million daily video streams.

Products by Arlo

The original Arlo surveillance camera was released in the fourth quarter of 2014 on Amazon and Best Buy. The Arlo Surveillance Camera is a battery-powered Wi-Fi surveillance camera with 720p HD video quality, IP65 weather resistance and night vision. The camera also has a passive infrared motion sensor that, when activated, records a video of the motion event and notifies the user on their mobile device. As of the second quarter of 2015, Arlo had delivered over 100,000 surveillance camera devices.

Arlo also manufactures variations of the device, including a portable and a baby monitor version. The latest addition, Arlo Ultra, is also a battery-powered Wi-Fi surveillance camera with 4k High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, improved night vision, 180 ° panoramic view, integrated headlamp and noise cancellation feature.

This camera also has an auto-zoom and tracking feature that adjusts to the movement and focuses the frame on the movement. The data from the image sensors are analyzed from image to image, and if no motion is detected, nothing is transmitted to the base station. Arlo cameras are designed to consume little power in normal “scan” mode.

Current products range from wireless cameras, mobile cameras, AC powered cameras, baby monitors, lights and doorbells. [16]

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