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Apple Will Reportedly Launch ‘Apple One’ Subscription Bundles In October

In line with reports received late last year of Apple’s work on a new subscription bundle for its services, a new report now suggests Apple may announce this soon.

According to a report by The Bloomberg, the service appears to allow users to subscribe to multiple Apple digital services at a lower monthly rate to be referred to as “Apple One”. This is similar to an Amazon Prime subscription.

There will also be reportedly different levels of bundles. The most basic is believed to include Apple Music and Apple TV +, while a more expensive bundle gives access to Apple Music, Apple TV +, and Apple Arcade. The highest package includes all of these services and Apple News +.

According to reports, in addition to a subscription to all Apple services, there will also be a fourth type of bundle that includes additional iCloud storage for files and photos.

So the Apple bundle is to be called ‘Apple One’ and thus will have four variations:

  • $: Music+Tv
  • $$: Music+TV+Arcade
  • $$$: Music+TV+Arcade+News
  • $$$$: Music+TV+Arcade+News+extra iCloud

The service will reportedly launch in October along with the new line of iPhones.

Apple Launches News Plus, Music, TV Plus, and iCloud Subscription Packages in October: Report
Representative picture.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is also developing a new subscription to virtual fitness classes that can be accessed via apps on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and that will be offered along with the rest of the services in a high-end package.

In addition, the service will be available as part of iOS 14 later this year. It seems that iPhone and iPad users are being suggested to use different packages depending on the Apple apps and services they are already using.

Last year, Apple began experimenting with subscription bundling when it began offering a free Apple TV + subscription to students who subscribed to Apple Music.

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