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Apple To Integrate “Vein Detection” into Face ID: Report

In 2017, Apple introduced Face ID with the iPhone X. The new type of biometric unlocking soon started to spread into the market.

In the real world, however, there have been many cases where facial recognition has failed terribly, especially with twins.

So now, Apple is working on a vein detection and detection system to integrate with Face ID technology.

According to a recent patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is investigating how the veins in the skin of a human face can be recognized to make facial recognition more secure for future devices.

The patent “Vein matching for difficult biometric authentication cases” proposes a system with which a 3D map of a user’s veins can be created using subepidermal imaging techniques


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How will it work?

The system works exactly as the current face recognition works.

Users need to register their faces first, and then when they unlock the device instead of just mapping the outer part of the faces, Face ID can also map the internal veins under the faces.

Below is an Apple flowchart showing how the technology works.

Apple patent vein detection face id feat.
image via Appleinsider
  • The system will use the sensors already present in the Face ID camera module, in particular the IR sensor.
  • The IR sensor is currently used to image a user’s face using the infrared dots projected onto the face.
  • However, the most recent patent suggests that the same sensor can be used to scan the inner parts of the skin, such as the veins, instead of just the outer structure.

In this way, the Apple could also solve the problem of face recognition in twins since twin faces can be exactly the same, but the likelihood of exactly the same blood vessels is almost impossible.

Now Apple has proposed and registered a number of patents, such as that with a new dedicated user interface for use on iPhone, or the crazy foldable iMac.

However, we have not yet seen these technologies implemented. So we just have to wait and see how Apple brings this “vein detection” into its future iPhones or not.

(Via – Apple Insider)

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