Amazon Zoox Permit California

Amazon Owned Zoox Gets Permit For Robotaxi Tests In California

Zoox,  the Amazon-acquired automated vehicle technology startup, has got the permit to test driverless vehicles on public roads in California.

Amazon bought Zoox in June this year to bolster its ambitions in automated package delivery.

Coming back to the topic, Zoox will be allowed to test its self-driving vehicles on public roads within a designated area in San Mateo County near its headquarters in Foster City, California.

The tests would be conducted only under fair-weather conditions and on streets under 45mph’s speed.

Mark Rosekind, former director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and now chief safety officer at Zoox, named this another major milestone in the company’s “efforts to bring safe, fully electric, affordable autonomous mobility to California drivers.”


The company intends to build a purpose-built electric vehicle, develop, test and validate the automated vehicle technology, and operate a fleet of robotaxi. This mission appears to be intact.

Amazon has announced that Zoox will remain an independent company.

Zoox has had permission to test autonomous vehicles with safety drivers since 2016.

However, with this new permit, the company will be able to test two autonomous vehicles with no drivers behind the wheel on specific roads near its headquarters in Foster City.

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