Save Battery on Android Phones

9 Tips to Save Battery On Android Phone

If you are away from home and your Android battery is nearly empty, compress the entire battery life until you can connect it to a power source. There are many ways to save battery on android phone. whether there is almost nothing on the device or whether you want the Android device to last longer. Here are nine ways to save battery.

Tips to Save Battery on Android Phones

1. Disable unnecessary activities

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services and NFC discharge the battery even when the device is not connected. If you do not use a service, disable it. Turn on airplane mode when you are in a low-signal location to prevent the phone from trying to connect.

Do not Forget – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth never stop searching for available networks and devices. Follow the best practices and disable them if you are not using them.

2. Turn off the phone

Store the battery in case you really need the phone. If you are not waiting for an important call or text message, turn off the phone and disconnect. Leave the phone off until you need it again.

3. Reduce the Brightness

The screen can easily relieve the battery life. If you need a battery extension, reduce the brightness by a few steps.


Dynamic brightness settings may drain the battery. While it is convenient for the phone to be self-contained, use the battery as the phone continues to adjust. Adjust the brightness yourself to better manage the battery.

Remember – On most devices, the screen eats the largest amount of battery power.

4. Find The App That Eats The Most Of Power

See which applications need the most battery. Go to Apps &Notifications and look for the applications that are running on the phone.

  1. Open the app settings, tap Apps and notifications, and then tap an app.
  2. Go to the Battery section to find out how much battery power the application has consumed since the last time it was recharged.
  3. Tap Battery to view information about how the application used the charge and what energy-saving options are available.

For general information about battery usage, go to Settings and tap on Battery. The battery configuration displays the remaining battery power, the estimated battery life, the power mode, and the use of the battery by the applications. Applications that consume more power are high on the list of uses.

5. Be Easy With Your Device

If you need to conserve battery power, limit the use of applications that require a lot of battery power, such as battery power. Games and videos, applications that work with ads and applications that require network connectivity.

Use your phone as little as possible to save energy and eliminate applications running in the background. A game does not have to be displayed on the screen to download a half-gigabyte update in the background and unload the battery.

6. Update The Android Operating System

The energy-saving mode introduced in Android Lollipop deactivates the haptic feedback (vibration) on the keyboard, dims the screen and slows down the Smartphone. Marshmallow has added a Doze mode, which activates when the device is idle for a long time, preventing applications from running in the background. Android 8 (Oreo) includes enhancements that prevent background applications from using the battery.

Upgrade to the latest version of the Android operating system to keep your phone up to date with the latest energy-saving features.

7. Use A Battery Saver Application

Download a killer application with tasks like Clean Master or Juice Defender to manage applications that consume a lot of energy, and adjust the battery drain settings in the background to keep your phone working efficiently.

8. Eliminate The Problem

Rooting offers advantages in saving energy. You can clean the phone by removing the bloatware. You can also access applications like Greenify that save battery life.

When you update a custom ROM, you get power-saving controls in the Android version. The additional control provided by rooting a phone provides better battery control.

9. Always Bring A Backup

Get a smartphone case with built-in battery for longer battery life. Charging case is available in different colors, shapes and sizes from Mophie, PowerSkin and UNU. Purchase a portable charger from Anker, PhoneSuit, Powermat, and others for extended battery life.

If you do not need a bulky battery compartment, look for an external battery. You will find external batteries at your nearest mobile stores.

Android smartphones are becoming more efficient, while Google is adding energy-saving features to the operating system. For example, the Marshmallow 6.0 update includes the Doze mode, which prevents applications from checking for updates if the phone is not going to be used for a while, and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, which lets you choose which notifications to send to a particular phone Period to be sent. The manufacturers have added their own functions, for example, Samsung’s ultra-low-power mode changes the screen to a gray-scale theme and limits the use of the application.

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